Democrats, Media pile on Steve King’s Tweet

In the era where consultants say social media is everything, noone can escape scrutiny. Not even Iowa Congressman Steve King. And in this era, everyone’s words are misconstrued to satify a meme.

The Kiron Republican took to Twitter Sunday in support of Geert Wilders, a leader of a conservative party in the Netherlands.  It was a reply to another tweet:

Suddenly, Democrats and the media pounced. “Racist!” they shouted on Twitter and Facebook. And the mainstream media was only too happy to step into the shouting match. Suddenly, reporters were asking Iowa GOP leaders to disavow King and his remarks. (To his credit, Gov. Terry Branstad just said “he’s just being Steve King” and refused to enter the fray)

Take this video of King with CNN’s Chris Cuomo…who wouldn’t let King talk unless he agree with him that he was a racist (and Rep. King was having nothing of it):



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